Characteristics Of Middle School Learners

The middle school students are qualitatively different from young learners. Teachers and parents can significantly improve student learning at this age by understanding the cognitive and social characteristics of middle school students.

Using the right teaching strategies to maximize the benefits of learning and meeting the learning challenges of middle school learners in the middle years can make all the difference in their success.

middle school

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In 12 years, 13 and 14, most of the students began to develop the ability to understand the symbolic ideas and abstract concepts. Students go into the development of the concrete operational stage of development to the capacity of the regular operational stage.

In fact, studies reveal that brain growth slows over the years so that the cognitive abilities of learners can develop at a slower pace; However, the refinement of those skills can surely be reinforced.

In general, most students share the following characteristics:

1. Curious and eager to learn useful things they believe

2. Enjoy solving "real-life" problems

3. Focused on themselves and how they are perceived by their peers

4. Resistant adult authority and asserts its independence

5. Beginning to think critically

Most middle schoolers experience conflicting values due to their changing roles within their family structure and the increasing influence of peers.