Best Boxing Tips For Starting Out

Before I give you some boxing tips, let me clarify one thing. A boxer with a bad hand may not be as effective as a left-handed boxer with a bad foot. 


There are few better tips than how to properly bandage your hand. You will feel more confident boxing from the beginning. You can buy everlast boxing trunks (which is also called ‘ Everlast Boxstmme ’ in German) from various online sources.

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You should follow the following steps for bandaging: 

Hold your hand out straight with your back facing up. Spread your fingers at least half an inch apart. This is important so that the bandage doesn't get too tight when it is closed.

Slip the thumb over the loop by slipping the end of the bandage through the loop. To prevent wrist bending during boxer strikes, wrap the bandage tightly. Wrap the bandages between your knuckles, the wrist, and almost to the first joint in the fingers. 

Use surgical gauze to bandage wounds in preparation for regular matches. Depending on the size of the boy’s hands, a maximum length of 10 yards may be necessary. Ankle wraps can be cut to lengths of five yards, elastic bandages, or carpet binding for training sessions.