Benefits Of Business Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance covers you in debtor default and shields company liquidity. Credit insurance protects your business from bad debt by protecting your cash flow from debtor bankruptcy or prolonged default.

Trade credit insurance insures your losses when a debtor does not pay you. It offers you stability through a pledge of payment. For more information about credit insurance brokers you can visit

credit insurance

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Who wants credit?

Any firm that sells products or provides services on credit conditions is in danger of non-payment. Even firms with the soundest credit management procedures are vulnerable. Trade credit is a sensible solution for company owners and will lower your credit risk vulnerability.

Benefits of trade credit insurance

-Safeguards your cash flow in the event a borrower drops bankrupt or takes more than the agreed loan period to cover a statement.

-Supply flexible policy and supply safety to bankers and shield shareholders' assets.

What coverages are available from credit insurance businesses?

Full cover charge : Provides the maximum level of credit protection as the facility covers your entire debtor book.

Selective cover: Permits You to choose which clients you would like to be insured against, for example, your key clients, individual customers with an adverse credit history or invoices which are highly valued.

International cover: Offers protection against the credit risks associated with trading overseas and can sometimes contain political risk insurance.