All About Artificial Intelligence

The notion of artificial intelligence is a computer which can then learn to develop and adapt to new situations such as humans. We can't really tell how close we are right now because technology is moving faster and faster. For example, the power of the average computer is doubling every year.

Technology is developing so fast that scientists theorize that at some point we will reach what they call a "singularity" where technology gets out of control and technology evolves and develops on its own. You can also contact the best artificial intelligence companies via

For example, decades ago people believed that only humans could play chess, but now we have computers to beat the best chess players in the world.

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Look at the fields to the moon. Only 60 years before the landings on the moon, humans believed that humans would never fly, and half a century later we sent humans into space.

To create AI, we need a program that not only processes data and draws conclusions, but also changes based on what data is being absorbed.

This will lead him to believe that philosophy is more conscious, and also easier to deal with other people, or maybe even other AI. We've made little progress in this area, but we've managed to get programs to perform some of these functions when in a controlled environment.