About Fixed Gear Bicycles

Fixed gear bicycles continue to gain popularity among the cycling community. First popularized by Bike Messenger, the fixed gear bike, fixed-wheel bicycle, or fixed cycle, has developed a cult following in many parts of the world over the years. There are many reasons why single-speed bicycle fixies have become a hit among cycling enthusiasts. 

But many people are fascinated by the simplicity of these bikes, not to mention that fixed bikes are very light. Fixed gear bikes also generally come at cheaper prices than other types of bikes and are easier to maintain with fewer parts than their bicycle counterparts.

The anatomy of a fixed-wheel bike has the sprocket attached directly to its hub making freewheeling impossible. This makes the pedals move continuously, following the direction of the rear wheel each time the bicycle is turned. A fixed-gear bike can ride safely with or without brakes because stopping the pedal motion will cause the bike to stop automatically, although some areas do not equip illegal bicycles with brakes.

A fixed bicycle usually runs at a single speed, which means, this type of bike sports a single gear. But it is possible to have multiple gears in fixing bicycles and allow for a change in speed at the same time. Many fixies have already been manufactured with this feature, but we rarely see one because many gears may not fit with the concept of simplicity for which fixie bicycles are famous.