4 Tips For Smart Moving In Perth

As professional Perth movers, we're here to share our wisdom when it comes to getting the kids' rooms packed up for the move. For more details, you can search cheap movers in perth through https://www.cbdmoversperth.com.au/affordable-removalits-perth.html.

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1. Give yourself plenty of time

The kids' rooms are not something you want to leave to the last minute and you also have to consider the added time of contending with little people who don't want certain items packed away yet. Start early and get as much as possible packed before moving day – set a limit as to how many toys can stay out of boxes until the last minute so you only have minimal items to pack the day before.

2. Talk about the move

It should come as no surprise to the kids that all of their items are going into boxes so talk to them ahead of time about the process of moving house and what they can expect. 

3. Get the kids to help

Packing is often easier when you just do it yourself but often the kids will want to get involved. Rather than wasting energy trying to keep them away, get them involved instead.

4. Bring in the professionals

If the thought of packing up your kids' rooms simply feels too overwhelming, remember that you have the option of calling in the professionals. A professional packing service can come in closer to the moving date and take care of the task on your behalf.